Rating: M
Length: 103 minutes
Session Times:
Tue, 16th Oct:4:00pm
Wed, 17th Oct:4:00pm
Genre: Comedy
Rating: M 103’ coarse language
Cast: Damian Callinan, Kate Mulvany, John Howard
Director: Mark Grentell

Join us for a special Q&A screening with writer/star Damian Callinan
Wednesday September 26, 6.45pm

In the tradition of The Castle and Ali’s Wedding, one of Australia’s most popular comedians, Damian Callinan adapts his entertaining and topical stage play, The Merger for the big screen!

Bodgy Creek is a struggling town. The drought won’t let up, jobs are scarce after the mill was shut down, and the footy team looks like it will have to merge with anoher club or fold. Living a hermit-like existence on the town’s fringe, former football star turned ‘Town Killer’ Troy Carrington, is coaxed into rescuing the team after striking up an unlikely friendship with young Neil who is struggling with the recent loss of his father.


"The Merger has a massive heart, and it's unequivocally in the right place." Film Ink Australia

"The Merger is well made play-to-the-bleacher-seats entertainment." The Guardian

Teaming up with Neil’s mum Angie, they unite to recruit the new arrivals to save the team and take the community on a journey of change. But for some, like Neil’s grandfather and Club President, Bull and ‘star’ player Carpet Burn, it’s more change than they’re willing to take.
* Cry Baby Session