Rating: CTC
Length: 80 minutes
Session Times:
Fri, 2nd Nov:4:45pm
Sun, 4th Nov:12:35pm
Tue, 6th Nov:7:00pm
Thu, 8th Nov:2:40pm
Sat, 10th Nov:4:45pm
Tue, 13th Nov:12:40pm
Genre: Australian documentary
Rating: CTC
Director: Catherine Scott

Three Aussie boys are on a rocky path towards jail until they meet a rule-breaking jackaroo and join his legendary dog jumping team.
Bernie Shakeshaft is a rough talking jackaroo who runs a youth program from a shed on the outskirts of Armidale, NSW. When everyone else gives up on troubled kids like Zach, Alfie and Rusty, they head to BackTrack. It’s a place where they can feel safe and continue their education, but most importantly, it’s where they learn to support each other and pursue their dreams. Follow the teenage trio as they hit the road with Bernie’s legendary dog jumping team and travel to rural shows across NSW. Filmed over two years, this inspiring story reveals the challenges these young people face as they try to find their place in the world – with the help of Bernie and his trusted dogs.

* Cry Baby Session